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On 08/12/2010 06:57 PM, powrwrap wrote:
> On Aug 12, 5:36 pm, Scott Smith<> wrote:
>> Even though Jim Thome hit the first pitch he saw Tuesday night over
>> the U.S. Cellular Field wall, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen wasn't
>> about to change his mind about ditching his DH last winter.
>> A feisty Guillen said he wasn't going to worry about "the fans and
>> media being all over me because we didn't sign (Thome). I said ... we
>> did it for a reason � I don't say 'I' � 'we' did it for a reason."
>> Thome's second-inning homer was his 15th in his 77th game as a DH for
>> the Twins. White Sox DHs had 15 in 112 games.
> Yeah, well, Guillen's an idiot. I understand that Thome is a one-
> dimensional player in decline but he's still a valuable player. The
> last sentence in your post says all you need to know.
> Guillen came out of the dugout and started jawing at the home plate
> umpire after Perkins hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch. The home plate
> umpire had just warned both benches (which I thought was proper
> considering it was the 2nd time in the game that Quentin had been hit
> by a pitch.) But what in the heck is Guillen arguing about? What did
> he hope to accomplish? Meanwhile, Gardy is just patiently standing off
> to the side with a smile on his face.
> Guillen mismanages his bullpen to high hilarity. He shoots off at the
> mouth with regularity. He thinks he's got jocularity, instead he
> infuses his team with a sense of polarity, because he so often
> inexorably shows his fallibility.

Agreed on all points. They talk about teams having locker room cancers.
I personally believe Guillen is a managerial cancer. Which is okay by
me, because anything that helps the Twins, short of other players being
injured, is fine by me. Let the jerk run his mouth, it's about all he is
good at.
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