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Andrea Dworkn was a babe, compared to

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>> That said, Kagan is about as far to the right as you and the RWKs
>> could hope from a Democratic president.
>You may be correct here, and that is the problem. Where was her
>concern for the career prospects of her students or the fair treatment
>of prospective employers when she banned military recruiters?
>Hypocrite. Ugly hypocrite! Like Obummer, no friend of the military.
Obama is a great friend of the military. I wish he were not, as I
think the plan in afghanistan is misguided. what do you think he has
done with the military that makes him not a friend? The pay raises
were bad? Fixing their health care (a Bush scandal) was bad? Working
to improve the situation for families of service people is bad? What,

Just for your information, many universities did what Harvard did ---
banned prospective employers, including the US military, that had
discrimination policies that violated the non-discrimination standards
of the universities. KKK was also banned <g>. That Harvard students
and faculty promoted q ban on employers who would not sign the
university's non-discrimination policy statement. They are opposed to
rank discrimination against gays and discrimination against other
groups as well. That is no surprise, and the dean at Harvard had
almost nothing to do with the policy (other than doing the bidding of
the faculty and students). Many conservatives oppose discrimination in
employment based on sexual preference, as you may know. Why is such
opposition a bad thing in your view?

You need not worry about the students at Harvard who wanted to
interview with the military. The common practice at all universities
having the ban was for the military and other employers who would not
pledge not to discriminate to set up an interview place at a nearby
hotel and do the interviews there. All Harvard did was not make their
private interview rooms available to employers who would not promise
not to discriminate based on race, religion, gender, sexual
orientation, etc.

I had no problem, by the way, with the Harvard ban (private school
entitled to their political views). But I opposed the ban at my
university b/c I thought it was improper for a state university to ban
the federal government from free access. One can debate the military
policy (but I'll not do so here), but it was in accord with federal
law, or so the courts have held.
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"The Gnorkmeister" <gn...(a)> wrote in message
> Donald doesn't consider McDuck as part of the family. He is ashamed of
> him.

I guess that's because unlike some posters here, McDuck isn't

From: Tristan daCunha on
The Gnorkster observed, "Donald doesn't consider McDuck as part of the
family. He is ashamed of him."
LOL! 15 yds Gnork, and loss of down! LOL!

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Ray Ray; You are still the greatest justification for abortion....or
The booze will take care of you, soon enough!

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