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> >> > Most players are very competitive (in the All-Star
> >> > game), and want to do their very best against the best. If nothing
> >> > else, their egos compel them to do so.
> > That was a hell of a diving catch by the LF (I'm forgetting who it
> > was now) in the latter innings of the game.
> There were great plays by both teams on defense, especially the NL. The
> one that got the most attention was the RF throwing out Big Poppy at 2B,
> when he failed to advance on a single in the 9th inning, but there were
> many others. Really, a lot of people missed a very good game.

Braun. He's the one that laid out to make the catch.

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From: Colin William on
Tarkus wrote:
> I've never thought of it as so much of a game, as matchups of the best
> against the best. Yeah, I've always wanted the NL to win, but what has
> really attracted me is watching the best pitchers go up against the best
> hitters. And while you get some of that in interleague play (and even
> intraleague play), it's on a much smaller scale.

I think that's one of my other problems - the goal of getting as many
guys as possible into the game had two effects of me. One, it felt less
and less like the very best against the very best. As you get into the
middle and late innings it feels more and more like the very good vs.
the very good.

It's funny, in my memory I got tired of it because it seemed to drag on
so long and so late with all the player and pitching changes and the
long Fox commercial breaks. But I just looked back at the boxscores for
the last decade of AS games and most of the games took around 3 hours or
even less. So, why my flawed memory? Hard to tell. I can only chalk it
up to the late start times leading to very late finishes (which, once I
became a perpetually-tired parent, were just less and less tolerable for

Maybe you can enjoy it better because in your time zone it doesn't get
done around 11:30-midnight. That, and you're not lame like me ;-)