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Here's the full list of players whom the Nationals signed:

SS Jason Martinson (fifth round)
C Cole Leonida (sixth round)
RHP Aaron Barrett (ninth round)
SS Blake Kelso (10th round)
RHP Neil Holland (11th round)
RHP Christopher McKenzie (13th round)
C David Freitas (15th round)
Rhp Mark Herrera (16th round)
RHP Tyler Hanks (17th round)
2b Justin Miller (18th round)
CF Wade Moore (19th round)
RF Chad Mozingo (20th round)
RHP Cameron Selik (22nd round)
RHP Colin Bates (23rd round)
LHP Christian Meza (25th round)
LHP Christopher Manno (26th round)
C Jeremy Mayo (31st round)
LHP Ryan Sherriff (33rd round)
1b Robert Oliver (35th round)
LHP Nicholas Serino (37th round)
RHP Kevin Cahill (41st round)
OF Dimetrius Hatcher (49th round)

Undrafted free agent signings:

SS Mille Rogers (Carson-Newman College)
Tim Dupuis (Assumption College)
Mike Gallo (Milligan College)
Zach Gerler (Austin Peay University)
Ben Graham (Emporia State)

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