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> Ludwick would like to be noticed for defense
> 06/08/2010
> LOS ANGELES � Ryan Ludwick has a Silver Slugger. He has no problem
> saying he wants to pair it with Gold Glove.
> Ludwick, who entered Monday night's series opener against the Los
> Angeles Dodgers leading the National League in hitting with runners in
> scoring position, would like his exploits in right field to become
> just as noticeable.
> "It's been a goal of mine to get some recognition for something I've
> worked so hard at my whole life," said the normally low-key Ludwick.
> "It would feel good, to be honest with you."
> Ludwick reached St. Louis in 2007 after signing as a minor-league free
> agent known as something of a plodder with an arm more accurate than
> powerful. Reality has shown Ludwick to possess a knack for getting
> alert jumps, taking sound routes and combining solid judgment and
> awareness in addition to a live arm.
> Ludwick believes injuries earlier in his career typecast him as a
> deficient defender rather than blessed with tools that allowed him to
> play center field during his early years in the Oakland A's minor-
> league system.
> Ludwick prides himself on his acumen as a baserunner and a defender,
> two areas often overlooked in the game's statistics-mad culture.
> However, at least one respected assessor of defense play considers
> Ludwick tied with Atlanta Braves rookie Jason Heyward as tops at his
> position.
> According to John Dewan's "Fielding Bible," which rates each play in
> every game, Ludwick and Heyward are "plus-10." Only the Seattle
> Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki is rated higher (plus-11) among major league
> right fielders. The system calculates Ludwick's defense has saved the
> Cardinals six runs.
> Ludwick remembers himself as a 5-foot-2 high school freshman who grew
> to 5-foot-10 as a sophomore and became a 6-foot-1 junior. While
> waiting to develop, he threw himself into becoming a voracious ball
> hawk. Ludwick never has played anywhere other than outfield.
> "I've always had a lot of confidence in my ability to play defense,"
> Ludwick said. "For whatever reason, that hasn't been how I've been
> perceived. I can't really say why. Injuries, maybe."
> Ludwick, 32 next month, is no gymnast in the outfield. A hip is held
> together with a rod inserted in 2002. He required knee surgery a year
> later. However, he's without an error this season after making one in
> 2009 and has used the season's first two months to splice a highlight
> reel worth of plays. Most recently, Ludwick leaped against the right
> field wall at Busch Stadium Saturday to extend reliever Jason Motte's
> run of perfection. Motte left the game having retired 31 batters over
> a 10-game span.
> "I became known as 'a bat' and a possible defensive liability," he
> recalled. "I take a lot of pride in my defense. It's been my goal to
> remind people with my play that I'm more than that."
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> ISTR from someone's reply that Lomax said Ludwick is the biggest bargain
> on
> the team. For best bargain I'd have to vote for one of Rasmus, Freese or
> Garcia. I do agree Ludwick really has become a solid contributor in more
> ways than one.
> What is the chance of moving Ludwick to cleanup and Holliday to second in
> the batting order? It's been tossed around in some places.

Hey Alan, didja see tonight's game or the lineup?

Holliday 2nd, Luddy cleanup and they both delivered nicely!


I await the bonus check the Cardinals are surely going to send me.