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KC Series - How SWEEP it is!
Nice to see the Twins HEAP on the offense in that series in KC! Three games and 36 runs! Outstanding. Nice to see the young guys like Repko, Valencia and Hardy get some homers in that series, too. Well done! Some nice momentum going into the short home stand against the Mariners. Hopefully they... 28 Jul 2010 20:44
Twins looking at Miguel Tejada?
Just happened to see this today while checking lineups for Fantasy Baseball. The Twins are interested in Tejada? "Tejada doesn't want to be dealt: From The Sports Xchange notes: 3B Miguel Tejada told The Baltimore Sun he wants to stay in Balt... 8 Jul 2010 12:35
Damn Delmon!
> On Jul 7, 9:04 pm, "Likely Story" <Donost...(a)> wrote: He let Bautista get that inside the park homerun just so Cabrera would lose the lead! Ah, yes. 'Cabrera' and 'lose' in the same sentence. Quite appropriate. ... 8 Jul 2010 11:28
Delmon Young performing much better than the disappointing Joe Mauer
On Jul 6, 4:25 pm, "Likely Story" <Donost...(a)> wrote: Young: Mauer: Different positions....apples to oranges. Name me one AL catcher who is better than Mau... 6 Jul 2010 21:13
You know you're going well when...
.... you go 3 for 4 in a game and your batting average drops. -- John Gregory ashbury at tilde ashbury Thought for the moment: I wish life had a scroll-back buffer. ... 4 May 2010 18:02
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Who is Eduardo Morlan?
Eduardo Morlan was the third player the Twins used in the Garza/ Bartlett trade with the Rays. Who is he? A 21 year old right-handed starting pitcher turned reliever. He's been in the Twins organization since 2004 (rookie league), split time in rookie league and A ball in 2005, A ball in 2006 and 2007, making it ... 1 Dec 2007 18:37
2007 ESPN Web Gems Awards--The Nick Punto Show
Anybody catch this last night? In an hour long show that could have been compressed to 1/2 hour or so, ESPN declared the winners of the best "web gems" or most awesome fielding plays in baseball for 2007. Nick Punto's play on the Indians Garko was #4 overall. If you recall, Punto was playing a deep 2B, ranged to ... 29 Oct 2007 09:05
FA: Harmon Killebrew autographed bobblehead ... 22 Sep 2007 23:27
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