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> These guys aren't headed for the majors.  (Some of
> them may become army majors.)  They're engineering,
> or occasional science, and management majors and
> didn't get into the service academies on basket weaving
> scholarships, or one hopes.  They're there for the love
> of the game, the grime and the cold, and a hot toddy
> afterwards.

That's because they have little choice. Back in the day, a good player
could go to a service academy, put in his stint after graduating and
still join the pros. When, however, football became a mega-mega-bucks
business,fewer good players, were willing to give up millions of
dollars to defer their careers with the obligatory 4-6 year stint
after graduating. Likewise, the teams became far less willing to defer
signing players. Staubach notwithstanding, which even his rookie year
was over 40 years ago.

> > Especially, since Navy should handily beat Army.
> Pish.  A minor statistical fluke for the last decade.

Heh. That's because Annapolis also produces Marines. OO-RAH!!!

> Even in my most ardent anti-military days, I was never
> not a fan of Army - Navy.

Oh, I'll be watching, but facts are facts, it's often not that great a
game...Though there's always surprises, that one of things that makes
sports great.

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>> this was forwarded to me.
> Haven't the slightest who Damon Bruce is. (


Hahaha! It took me a couple of years but I did it! I trashed your newsgroup.
Filled it with spam. Drove away the old timers. Brought chaos to stupidity!
I did it!

I win!
You lose!
Cowgirls SUCK!

Go Niners!

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