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> >That has nothing to do with what he said. He was clearly talking about
> >running you must do for conditioning...not during the games. The kid
> >been able to play baseball. I'll bet most players like working out less
> >than playing the sport they love to play. You think players like riding
> >exercise bike as much as taking batting or fielding practice? If nothing
> >else I can see being bored with it.
> >
> Then there are players like Junior Seau who take their game seriously
> and was in there first every morning taking his preprations very
> seriously. You may not like the preperations to get ready for
> a game but the more you into those prepeations the better you
> perform in the game itself.

Did you EVER hear Junior say he LIKED the preparation? You DO realize
you're talking about a guy who was surfing while his team was preparing in
his last couple (at least) seasons? Pretty funny you would pick him as your
example. Of course he always kept in great shape. Iglesias does not strike
me as tub of goo either however.

We're just talking about an honest response to a pretty normal dislike of
the boredom of the mundane work involved in preperation. No one that I have
heard has accused him of not doing it. He has every right to dislike it.