From: Steven M. O'Neill on
JTibbs <jtibbs08(a)> wrote:
>I understand pitchers have historically batted but the AL and every other
>league there has evolved. I understand the tools point but pitching and
>hitting are just such opposite tools, it's like asking the QB to return
>kickoffs. Some may be ok with it but not many, so why risk the injury?
>Regarding managers, they can still win or lose a game from where they sit
>and I'd rather leave as much of the outcome of the game as possible in the
>players' hands.

Two things:

1. Slippery slope. Why not just have 18 starting players on
a team -- 9 who are the best hitters and 9 who are the best

2. Interleague. The DH is clearly the cause of the AL advantage
in interleague play. AL teams have a guy who is a very good
hitter who doesn't have to field any position. This is an
advantage in AL parks, because the NL teams have to play a
non-starting utility player as DH, and an advantage in the NL
parks because the AL teams have a better hitter to come off the
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