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On Nov 10, 7:42 am, David Short
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> JustTom wrote:
> > what's to talk about?
> yeah.
> > I doubt we get much of a sniff of improving the team off season,  so
> > nothing to even think about until the latest stick-to-the-wall  NRI
> > shows up in camp next spring and ballyhooed by management.    
> > I had anticipation last off-season of a power RHed bat  and maybe
> > another quality starter, and was fed a lump of coal named WillyT
> > instead.  
> Right. After so many years of mismanagement, there are very real
> questions if the front office is willing to compete or not. "The losing
> stops now" is believable once, but it's kind of old the second time and
> when the owner pulls it out for a third go-round nobody can blame the
> fans for not believing.
> On top of that.....The moves Jocketty has made since becoming GM are a
> very mixed lot. I think there's the question that if they want to
> the have a plan? I'm not convinced that sticking with the
> status quo in left and catcher and at short is the way to go.
> > The brewers traded Hardy to the twins, so my first choice for a cheap
> > SS option with a decent glove and power has already faded away.
> Right. And then the reds front office produce this weak quote that says
> the brewers wouldn't trade within the division. I guess we're supposed
> to be grateful that they were paying attention.

Actually, i'm inclined to believe them about that.
> It's tough to be a reds fan in the fall.

Probably the big reds news this winter will be Larkins showing in the
HoF voting. We have to wait till what.. january?... to either
celibrate or whine about that.


It looks like trolls and spammers have taken over, but that may just
be because of the lack of new Reds threads to thin out the garbage. Oh
for the days when kevinM could be counted on to start a boatload of
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