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On Feb 5, 5:22 pm, David Short
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> On 2/5/2010 4:56 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:
> > On Feb 4, 2:05 pm, David Short
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> >> Chris Sabo is the top end of what you might get.
> > Beane would take the pre-injury Sabo  right now. We're talking 616
> > games
> > of 115 OPS+ (with some useful speed thrown in)
> > I think that Sabo is an awfully optimistic target. Dan projected him
> > at .244/.301/.414 going into last season.
> I do too.
> Sabo is my poster child for a guy who comes up old has a couple of good
> season and then seemingly vanishes before his time.
> Just fwiw, What injury divides Sabo's career into pre and post injury
> periods? I know my memory is bad.

He had chronic ankle/foot problems which took away
much of his speed.

Then he hurt his back. Wouldn't be surprised if
the back problem were a result of the foot

Then for variety he hurt his throwing arm -- which
can't have *helped* his hitting.