From: j. r. sinclair on
1994 Donruss Baseball "1993 Award Winners" Jumbo Insert Cards

I have for sale the following 1993 "Special Donruss Bonus Card" Limited
Numbered Edition "Award Winners" with protective check-list envelope.
Prices US plus postage

#1/10 Barry Bonds "National League MVP" $8.
#2/10 Greg Maddox "National League Cy Young Award" $6.
#3/10 Mike Piazza "NL Rookie Of The Year" $8.
#4/10 Barry Bonds "NL Homerun Champ" $8.
#6/10 Frank Thomas "American League MVP" $6.
#7/10 Jack McDowell "Amarican League Cy Young Award" $3.
#8/10 Tim Salmon "AL Rookie Of The Year" $4.
#10/10 Paul Molitor "World Series MVP" $5.

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