From: Tarkus on

On leaving with cramps:

�First time in the two years I�ve been here that I had to leave with
cramps, which is disappointing�. It was disappointing because usually I
have 66 pitches in the third, not the sixth. This was a game I could
have gone a lot deeper.�

On when they started:

�The whole right leg was doing me no favors. I had a cramp in my right
arm in the fourth inning. This is the first time since I�ve been in here
in two years that this has happened. It couldn�t have happened on a
worse day. I was finally pitching decent.�

On winning three of four vs. Giants:

�Coming into the series, everyone looked at the rotations and expected
it to be well pitched games all four days and it pretty much turned out
to be that way. We haven�t played this team in a long time. We took
three out of four and now go on a short trip and come back home. It was
a great way to end the home stand.�

On the early lead:

�Anytime you get runs, especially early, it always helps. Some times
there is an advantage to pitching behind [Tim] Hudson. He goes seven or
eight innings every night and I get the fresh bullpen the next day.
Today was no different.��

On the bench stepping up:

�Look at how many games they�ve won us, not just today but throughout
the whole season. Bobby (Cox) does a good job of rotating these guys and
keeping them in the game. This is the ultimate team. We need all 25 guys
to play well and to pick each other up.�

On being 15-1 at home in day games:

�I think it has a lot to do with the heat. You take a team like San
Francisco that plays in 50-degree weather, you throw them in this heat
for four straight days and add a day game at the end of it, as hard as
it is to play in the heat as a home team, I definitely think it�s a home
field advantage. I know coming from LA, you dreaded pitching here
because of the heat. That�s a pretty good record.�