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>>>> I don't know enough about the rules to answer this myself. If Chase
>>>> Utley is on the DL, how is it I've seen him in the dugout, in
>>>> uniform? Do they just allow him the courtesy of watching the game
>>>> from there, and does he have to be in uniform to do so? Just
>>>> curious.
>>> I found this:
>>> 3.17 Players and substitutes of both teams shall confine themselves
>>> to their team�s benches unless actually participating in the play or
>>> preparing to enter the game, or coaching at first or third base. No
>>> one except players, substitutes, managers, coaches, trainers and bat
>>> boys shall occupy a bench during a game.
>>> PENALTY: For violation the umpire may, after warning, remove the
>>> offender
>>>from the field.
>>> Rule 3.17 Comment: Players on the disabled list are
>>> permitted to
>>> participate in pre-game activity and sit on the bench during a
>>> game but may not take part in any activity during the game such
>>> as warming up a pitcher, bench-jockeying, etc. Disabled players
>>> are not allowed to enter the playing surface at any time or for
>>> any purpose during the game.
>>> bdog
>> Thanks. I thought that might be the case but he's always in uniform.
>> Guess it just makes him feel more part of the game. Wish he woulud
>> get better and come back.
> And, not that I'm counting, but I think that bulldog's first post of
> the season.

Thanks ng_reader. It's nice to know you noticed. I do lurk a lot and have
been watching the games on I just went back to Directv so I could
see them on the HD TV.