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From: DonFromBarre on
I'm sure others here have had them. I had my first ever in my shoulder
yesterday. I can see why they call these things "cocktails". She
mixed like 5 drugs into the syringe. Including a numbing agent. Which
would do it's thing for 2 hours. It did. The shot itself wa little
different than any other shot I've ever had except for the needle being
in me for at least ten seconds. The point of entry should be a bit
sore for a couple of days and then the shoulder should stop hurting.
Hopefully it will. It's hurt for so long I almost can't remember it not
causing me pain. The entire incident DID give me a bit of
understanding of what this involves for ball players when they have to
do 15 day DL stints for Cortisone shots.

I've been told that I
be not strange!!!
I simply be DON!!!
And most days
that be enough!!!

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