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40 Games
Well, it is 40 games exactly and this post looks different than the 20 game post. A 15-6 stretch makes you feel pretty good. Instead of getting swept by the pirates, they did the sweeping and then brought out the brooms for Houston and the Brewers as well. That's what good teams do, they beat up on bad teams... 21 May 2010 13:59
Tough Loss
Reds rally form a 4 run deficit and catch Braves in the ninth with a pinch hit homer by Heisy off of Brave's closer Billy Wagner. They then get winning run to second base after an OCAB single and Phillips sacrifice. Votto then walks and Rolen and Bruce strikeout to end the threat. Braves rally in the ninth with two... 19 May 2010 23:50
Okay......I was scared!
I bang on Phillips.........but I sure as hell don't want him injured. I thought he broke his arm on that opening play..............great play, by the way. I saw him immediately yack. You either broke a bone or swallowed your chaw. Apparently and thankfully, it was 'B'! ... 19 May 2010 20:34
Quote from Dusty
"If your stars are jerks...........your young guys will become jerks." Very revealing quote. ... 20 May 2010 15:04
any doubts?
in both of these games against the Brewers, with the Reds trailing for most of each game, did anyone else just know that the Reds would eventually win? its a vibe a bit different from other years when you just knew the Reds would let a game slip away. ... 19 May 2010 17:13
This is FUN!!!!
Regardless of the outcome........this is EXTREMELY enjoyable. We have seen them in stretches like this in the past. But this is different. They kept the game close by making plays. Rolen delivers the big blow in the ninth, then Joey finishes them off with a screamer after hitting a monster homerun earlier. ... 18 May 2010 20:24
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fun stuff from hardball times
A writer at HBT is playing "what if" with the pre-BRM Reds. This is part 1 ... 4 Jun 2010 15:57
That's certainly a nice start
It looked to me like Bruce may have been fooled & he took a slightly wrong path on the triple --- but what a throw to nail him at the plate on the bullet to short.... ... 17 May 2010 20:17
Reds vs Brewers tonight
My thoughts on the game tonight and the season. Feedback would be nice thanks ... 17 May 2010 23:33
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