From: Fleur on
Greg said:

>>She used to be big on the radio around here
>>a while back. Big, as in popular. Can't for the
>>life on my remember what station though.
>>Anyone?? Her little "interviews" now seem
>>pretty pointless.

>Believe it was KFRC when it was on 99.7 FM.

I believe -- though I could be wrong -- that she was also on KFRC AM,
before they went thru one of their format changes. When FM made its most
recent format change, she lost that gig, too. I guess these
fans-in-the-stands interviews is the only gig she can get these days.

From: Fleur on
thursday@9, which I await in eager anticipation, said:

>She used to also be on KNBR in the morning
>with Frank Dill, she did the traffic reports.

And they (Frank Dill and Mike Cleary) featured her quite a bit for a
"mere traffic reporter," which is how she eventually got the KFRC gig.
She used to talk a lot -- for years, actually -- about her then-beau,
the Lithuanian surf guitarist. I believe they eventually got married
and, for all I know, they still are married.

From: Brian Perry on
elaich wrote:
> MS <none(a)> wrote in news:2007061220462016807-none(a)attbicom:
>> She's cute and her interviews are interesting, even if most of them are
>> just Giants PR.
> I remember years ago, in the comic strip "Shoe," (which was about an aging,
> technology challenged reporter who also happened to be an owl) a new
> talkative female reporter was hired. Her name? Cammy.
> Does anyone else remember this strip? The computer repairman was dressed in
> a wizard's garb, complete with magic wand.

Still going strong in our morning paper. One of my favorites.
From: elaich on
Brian Perry <bperry1397(a)> wrote in news:4671fac2$0$16576

> Still going strong in our morning paper. One of my favorites.

I read many years ago that the strip's creator had died. I guess it was
taken over by someone else.

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Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?
From: Gregg Pearlman on
Richard Booroojian wrote:

> "Gregg Pearlman" <EEEEEEgp(a)> wrote in message
> news:QP-dnThS7MgtOe_bnZ2dnUVZ_oTinZ2d(a)
>>>I guess Mike got tired of it, too, since he left the show (and Frank)
>>>well before Frank hung up his whatever-morning-drive-hosts-hang-up for
>>>the last time.
>>And man, did that expose Dill's on-air weaknesses....
> Wow, I have to disagree. I liked them best when they were both on the air,
> but Dill used to extract a lot of entertainment out of whatever was around
> him.

I realize I'm in the minority with Frank and Mike, and it's not that I
disliked them. I did get tired of them after a while, though. What
bugged me about Dill was that he seemed pretty slow to get a joke. (Same
thing happens with Kruk and Kuip -- Kruk's the slow one.)

> His back and forth with Madden was always classic; I don't think
> Madden ever did anything he liked more.

Probably true. And when they left, so did Madden, after a while, because
he wasn't comfy with whoever replaced Dill.

> I hated Kevin the Rat and thought he was talentless,

I can't say I ever formed a strong opinion of him.

> but Frank Dill probably extracted as much entertainment
> value out of him as anyone on that station ever did. I even liked Cammy
> when she was on the show because there was so much warmth between them all.

She was pretty funny. The little skits they did were pretty annoying,
but she found a way to make her contribution funny. Others... didn't. I
do not, however, welcome her presence during Giants games on FSN. I see
no purpose in her weird little digressions.

> Dill was only marginally sports focused, but he was very easy to listen to
> while driving in the morning. Everything they have had on in the morning
> since then (the idiot who replaced him whose name I don't even remember
> anymore,

Neither do I.

> Radnich, London, Kevin the Rat) has been substandard, with the
> current guys probably the best of a very marginal lot.
> As I read this, I realize it is another small piece of evidence that I am
> getting old.

Well, see, you *are* older than I am -- but not so much so, I'm
guessing, that you've set your DVR to record every episode of "Murder
She Wrote."

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