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>>>>> > Roy and Ahti have run off most of the knowledgeable and fun posters.
>>>>> > The only ones who are left are you, Earl and me! lol
>>>>> Ahem!
>>>>> > I do enjoy seeing posts from Fred, Karl, DG and Dima. That pretty much
>>>>> > covers roll call!
>>>>Sorry, Jeanne! I haven't seen anything from you in quite some time and
>>>>thought you had gone the way of The Lance.
>>>>It's always a pleasure to hear from you!
>>>>Thanks for the slap in the head!
>>> I hardly ever see anyone post anything here worth discussing.
>>I'm glad to see you're still around.
>Unfortunately, due to the actions of certain posters driving out most
>normal conversation, I only look in here sporadically (as you can tell
>from the delay in answering your inquiry).
>>How's the health stuff going?
>Where to begin?
>As you may remember, I have inoperable metastatic neuroendocrine
>pancreatic tumors in my liver [1]. I got into a clinical trial here at
>the Siteman Cancer Center in the Center For Advanced Medicine at
>Barnes-Jewish Hospital in town. I was put on the drug Sutent [2], a
>renal cancer drug that has some promise in the treatment of other
>tumors. The drug worked rather well for a while, but has begun to lose
>effectiveness. I am currently on what promises to be my last round or
>cycle of Sutent (as the effectiveness should decrease to the point where
>I am no longer eligible for the study on the next scan) which will end
>May 12th. After that, I'm looking at three primary options -
>1) Percutaneous hepatic perfusion
> which is
>being run as a Phase II Clinical Trial at NHI in Bethesda MD.
>I still need an MRI of my head and abdomen to be submitted to NIH/NCI.
>However, I have some metal in there that was placed to stabilize a
>fracture of the right orbital

A review of my scans has ruled this out for me in terms of the trial.

>2) Hepatic Arterial Chemoembolization
>which would be done at the Mallinkrodt Institute on the south campus at
>3) A liver transplant which I don't think my coverage will pay for.

I am flying out Sunday to check on option 4) a Phase 1 Trial of the
combination of Avastin [1] and Sprycel [2] being done at the NIH/NCI in
Bethesda. [3]

Other options that opened up include a trial being done at Siteman with
Rad001. [4]

>In other news, my apartment where I have lived for some 7 years has
>recently been determined to, by location (the building basement),
>violate St. Louis County's Building Codes. There is no remedy. It has
>been condemned and I have to move. The eviction order technically took
>effect March 16th. However, as this is not my fault and I have
>co-operated with the County, they are giving me leeway. I recently,
>with help from the county, obtained assistance from Catholic Charities
>of St. Louis and found an apartment. A deposit has been made and first
>month's rent paid as well. Current plans are to sign the lease on April
>14 and complete the move by the end of day on April 17th. I'll probably
>be offline from early Saturday until at least Monday. I'm hoping to get
>U-Verse at the new apartment. It seems I can get more TV channels, a
>better DVR than I currently have and the same Internet speed for less
>than what I pay Charter now (U-Verse is *not* available at my soon to be
>old location) - *if* U-Verse is available there (AT&T is supposed to be
>[1] The pancreatic tumors having long been surgically removed - along
>with part of the pancreas (making me an instant diabetic), the spleen
>and the gall bladder.




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