From: JustTom on
On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:58:36 -0400, "Bob Braun" <oxinfla(a)>
>Put "The face of the team" in the leadoff spot. Tell him to quit swinging
>from the heels and challenge him to get on base.

I cringe every time I see that self-anointed title. I think the fact
that I just don't like BP and his image/baggage being front and center
is part of why I'm not as fervent a fan as I used to be.

He is walking more, but seems to be putting less and less effort into
baserunning and hustle. I'm not a Rosales-level hustle fanatic, but I
just don't get how BP makes the same mental mistakes over and over
when they hurt the team. His baserunning is becoming freel-like, and
his "styling" on every fly ball to the track is ludicrous.

Frankly, I don't see how he doesn't regularly get one in the ribs
every few games.

Speaking of that, there's a wonderful article by Jerry Crasnick on
espn about that very subject. I didn't remember Blyleven being
such a nasty SOB.

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