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>On Sep 23, 7:36�am, John Kasupski <kc2...(a)>
>> On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 13:48:20 -0700 (PDT), HTP <tmbowma...(a)> wrote:
>> >bench Taveras, put Dickerson/Bruce in center, with Bruce/Gomes in rf.
>> >Now put Ted in left. That makes a huge difference to the offense. All
>> >theoretical of course, but its silly to say that swapping out Willie
>> >Tavares for Ted Williams makes almost no difference in an offense.
>> Agreed...but in my opinion, still not enough of a difference to significantly
>> change where the Reds will finish in the division standings. Whether Bruce is in
>> RF or CF, he still hit .210 with a .284 OBP. And the Reds still also had gaping
>> offensive holes at shortstop and third base.
>To clarify and reiterate, coming into the season, the Reds did not
>have a gaping offensive hole at third base. Encarnacion had
>consistently put up 100+ ops numbers. The likely offensive holes were
>in ss, catcher, and either left and/or center depending on how you
>configued and whether Hairston could hit and whether Dicklerson was a
> 3b became a hole because Encarnacion got hurt (when or how i'm not
>clear, probably tail end of spring training). Neither hairston nor
>Rosales could fill the void. Rolens put up a 90 ops+ which is
>borderline depending on what you consider a hole, but for a
>thirdbaseman i find that lacking. Consider that Encarnacion put up an
>84 ops+ here and he was clearly playing injured in April.

Yeah, this is true. In David's poll, I did say that I thought he was the most
likely guy among the starting eight to get traded, but I don't think that was a
particularly brilliant prediction or anything. I think most of us were hoping
for a breakout season from EE, and expecting him to at least do as well as he
did last year. I don't think any of us expected him to get hurt and crater.

I don't think any of us expected Jay Bruce to crater.

I don't think any of us expected much offensively from Gonzalez. Which is good
because then we weren't disappointed when nothing was pretty much what we got.

Certainly, nobody expected the roster at the beginning of September to more
closely resemble the Opening Day roster of the Louisville Bats than that of the
Reds. We didn't know for sure if Janish would even be on the team, let alone the
starting shortstop. And I don't think any of us expected Rosales, Sutton, Tatum,
and certainly not Corky Miller who wasn't even in the organization when the
season started.

I don't even need to mention that centerfielder they owe another $4 million to
for next year, do I?


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On Wed, 23 Sep 2009 12:45:34 -0400, "Bob Braun" <oxinfla(a)> wrote:

>My internet mantra for the past SEVERAL months.
>RE: Cincinnati Reds - "How are they going to score runs?"
>RE" Cleveland Browns - "Who are we going to throw the ball to?"

RE: Cincinnati Bengals - "Who are we going to sell tickets to?"

>I really cannot believe Professional Sports teams leave themselves so naked.
>We have to get rid of Dunn! We have to get rid of Winslow! Okay, fine, who
>do you have in mind for replacements?
>Same way with yelling for a coaching change. Great, you want a new coach,
>who do you want? Depending on just how bad the situation is, there is a
>better than even chance, you can do worse!

Some years back the Bills had Chuck Knox as head coach, and he had them in the
playoffs. When Knox left, they promoted his QBs coach, a guy named Kay
Stephenson, to head coach. They went 8-8. They fired Stephenson and hired a guy
named Hank Bullough. Right move, wrong replacement - they promptly went 2-14 in
back-to-back years.

This works the same way for baseball managers. I've said this before. You have
to make the right call twice. Dumping the guy you have has to be the right move,
and then you have to make the right call on picking his replacement. Screw up in
either case and you've just set your program back 2-3 years.

>Ask Nancy Zimpher...........not that she would give a flying f*ck!

I had to Google that one, and then I had to LMAO. You're undoubtedly referring
to when she was at UC and forced out the basketball coach after he got a DUI.
The reason I laughed is that she's currently Chancellor of the State University
of New York, the first woman to serve in that capacity at SUNY. Small world.

As for the flying f*ck - I Googled a picture of, thanks!


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On Sep 23, 10:15 am, David Short
<> wrote:
> HTP wrote:
> > On Sep 22, 12:39 pm, "David Short"
> > <David.No.Sh...(a)Spam.Wright.Please.Edu> wrote:
> >> "HTP" <tmbowma...(a)> wrote in message
> >>> The Reds have the worst offense in the league. I think Adam Dunn is
> >>> still a legit topic here.
> >> Go into the wayback machine and have the reds re-up Adam for another year.
> >> Does it make a difference?
> >> They won't have the money to sign Mike Lincoln, The Virus or Arthur Rhodes
> >> and probably to re-up stormy. Too bad so sad on the first two, but they
> >> would have missed Rhodes and stormy. Without the two of them (and Lincoln)
> >> they would have been forced to push Roenicke into the majors.
> >> I would guess that the virus' playing time would have gone to Dickerson.
> >> They probably would not have been able to sign Gomes and Niz with Dunn in
> >> the fold.
> > If the Reds had control of Dunn heading into this season, and they get
> > offered Tavares, Nix, Gomes, Weathers, Rhodes, and Lincoln for him,
> > and you dont know beforehand that Tavares and Lincoln will be total
> > disasters (even by thier standards), or that Gomes and Rhodes will
> > excel, do you make that trade? Based on warm bodies alone i think you
> > pretty much have to. You get half a legit bullpen, and if only 1 of
> > the outfielders pans out, which Gomes did, you have leftfield covered.
> > The negative side of that is that they wasted half a season on Tavares
> > finding out what they should have known in advance.
> That's an interesting way to look at it.
> No. If it's for a single year I don't make that trade. The best player
> in the deal is going the other way.

If its for 1 year, then i definitely make that deal.

One the reasons i wasnt exactly sad to see Dunn go is that i felt the
Reds would be able to develop another corner outfielder within the
next couple years, one who, while he might not be as potent as Dunn
offensively, would be at least adequate at the plate and almost
definitely an upgrade in the field and on the basepaths. And he would
come far cheaper than Dunn.

Currently, 4 of the clubs most advanced hitting prospects are
potential leftfielders. Heise, Frazier, Francisco, and Alonso (or
Votto). Not that I had those 4 exactly in mind last winter. Now they
have another "prospect" in Balentien, and a guy who could potentially
put up some very impressive power numbers for cheap in Gomes. No
matter who they give thejob to or bring in over the winter, they arent
likely to match Dunn usual 125+, but considering Dunns overall package
i dont think the total dropoff would be nearly as steep as that.

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On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 15:38:10 -0400, "Bob Braun" <oxinfla(a)>
>A white rat has more patience than I do!!!!
{{mood lightener}}

And Herzog didn't have that much himself...

{{mood lightener}}

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"JustTom" <tom(a)nomail.please> wrote in message
> On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 15:38:10 -0400, "Bob Braun" <oxinfla(a)>
> wrote:
>>A white rat has more patience than I do!!!!
> {{mood lightener}}
> And Herzog didn't have that much himself...
> {{mood lightener}}


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