From: john smith on
The guy just doesn't get it done anymore. No GM with a brain would take
him last year. I am sure he was offered up to a lot of teams. To wish
and hope this guy is going to come around is wishful thinking.

I seen him throw 4 games, aside from opening day which was mediocre, he
has been dreadful. This guy has gained no velocity. I don't need a radar
gun to tell me how hard a guy is throwing. This guy tops out at 92 on a
consistent basis. Just cause he hit 94 on a gun a couple of times
doesn't mean he has gained velocity.

Anyway with Harang it has never been about velocity but movement. His
ball is flatter than it has ever been. Batters hit line drives all over
the place on this guy. He even has trouble putting the pitcher away
these days. The other day against LA's starting pitcher he had him 1-2.
He threw him another 4 or five strikes the guy fouled off before finally
getting him out. In addition, his shut down innings this year are almost
non-existent. Every time the Reds score, his next inning on the mound
the opposition almost always ends up scoring and getting the runs back.

Baseball is a business, it always has and always will be about what have
you done for me lately? God Bless Harang and his previous 17 win season.
This does nothing for the current team now.

Anybody that can't see the writing on the wall lives in Chris Welsh Kool
Aid land and feels we have to get our "ace" going is delusional. That's
balderdash and poppycock. The worse thing that could happen now is
Harang goes out there and gives up 3 runs over six innings, then we are
stuck with him at least another 5 games. Time to pull the plug on him.

Who knows a bullpen stay may do him well. If he only has to pitch one or
two innings at a time, he might regain a LITTLE form. Cutting him is not
an option due to his contract. Trading him to a new ball park just might
benefit him as well as the Reds. To continue on status quo with this guy
is just plain wrong.........

From: john smith on
Nothing top go nuts about, but probably the best outing this year by a
Reds starter. His ball had some late movement for the first time in a
long time. Nice gritty effort. I give credit when credit is due. He has
assured himself another month of starts. The Reds staff has a total of 1
win by a starter through 19 games with an ERA over 6, ugly numbers.
Eight inning now, hopefully win number 2. Hannigan must play every day.

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