From: David Short on

"john smith" <eddygdvd(a)> wrote in message
> Hey David, you woke Nix up today.

Anything for the team.

To tell you the truth, I forgot today's game was an afternoon game. I was
counting on watching the game tonight.

Oh, well. At least they should get out of Atlanta with a split.


From: JustTom on
On Thu, 20 May 2010 14:52:28 -0400, "David Short"
<David.No.Short(a)Spam.Wright.Please.Edu> wrote:

>Oh, well. At least they should get out of Atlanta with a split.


Unbelievable. You can't let one like this slip away.
From: tom dunne on
On May 20, 2:36 pm, eddyg...(a) (john smith) wrote:
> Hey David, you woke Nix up today.

What Laynce Nix giveth, Laynce Nix taketh away (or bounceth over the
wall for a walkoff slam.)
From: john smith on
The ball Cairo booted was hit like a rocket but a good third basemen
makes the play. Why can't Rolen play one inning of defense? I agree that
you give Lincoln two batters at the most in the ninth inning. Baker
never lets a pitcher finish on a positive note. That is Dusty Baker's
main flaw as a manager. What a blow for Leake to get a no decision in a
game like this.

Just when you take a huge step forward as a team. It all changes and you
have a game like this along with a series sweep, albeit two games. When
The Reds caught the Braves last night in the ninth inning and put that
winning run on second, good teams more often than not find a way to win
that game. But the Reds didn't. I thought all that bad karma was going
to be erased today with the 8 run second inning. I said wow its back on
the gas pedal after that mini bump last night. Boy, was I wrong....What
happened to the defense today, 4 or 5 errors...Wheres Janish and Rolen
in the ninth inning? A 6 run lead was obviously not enough......

From: David Short on

"tom dunne" <dunnetg(a)> wrote in message

>In retrospect, the single worst thing today was Dusty's managing the
>pen. Mike Lincoln pitches the 7th and 8th, giving up no runs. Great,
>I appreciate every effective appearance out of him. But for some
>reason, Dusty runs him back out there in the 9th.

3 innings of work in relief is a save.That's why.

>Lincoln immediately
>gives up four consecutive hits, recording no outs. What in the world
>could possess Dusty to keep Lincoln in the 9th that long, when he had
>Masset, Rhodes and Cordero still in the pen? I just cannot understand
>his decisions sometimes.

Bullpen's are fickle. If they don't get out there, they are too rested and
can't pitch. If they get out there too often, they are tired and can't
You have a 6 run lead? you try and manage to rest/save guys.
It didn't work.


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